As a wholesale distributor of major brands in the market, we carry brands and products of the latest trend to steady sellers. These products include weaving hair, wigs, hair accessories, cosmetics, skin care products and much more.

100% Human Weaving Hair

Aa a carrier of 100% human hair, all products are virgin/remy. These weaving hairs are available in different brands, sizes and colors. Please contact us for MOQ and details.

100% Human Hair Full Lace Wigs

Made of 100% human hair, these full lace wigs are availble in various sizes and colors.  Please contact us for MOQ and details. 


Cosmetics are one of the steady selleing products in the retail market globally. Thus, as a wholesale distributor, the quality and competitive price are what we offer! Please contact us for MOQ and details. 

Skin Care & Etc.

By carrying various products for different ethnic markets, we aim to fullfill retailers' need for their market. With many economies growning rapidly, skin care is one of the profitable market you can get into. Please contact us for MOQ and details. 


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